Our Adoption Process

Chihuahua Rescue Queensland does not have a shelter and all dogs are cared for in foster homes through South-east Queensland. We believe this process allows us to get to know each and every dog in our care, and best match them to the right forever home.

To apply to adopt a dog from Chihuahua Rescue Queensland, please first peruse our Pet Rescue listings which are found at www,petrescue.com.au/groups/10911

Step one:
Complete an expression of interest form for the dog you would like to adopt. Please take the time to provide us with as much detail as possible as applications that are not completed will be disregarded. Our adoption expression of interest forms are comprehensive and detailed to ensure that we can best match you with the right dog for your home.

Step two:
Your application will be reviewed by the CRQ admin team, who will correspond with you regarding the suitability of the dog you are interested in adopting.

Step three:
If your application is successful and we believe that the dog you applied for may be a good match for your home, you will be contacted by the dogs foster carer who will make a time for you to meet the dog. Unless otherwise advised, it’s important to bring all family members including your other dog (if applicable) and meet on neutral ground where your dog can best be introduced to the foster dog.

Step four:
Once you’ve met the foster dog, we request that you and your family take 24 hours before making a decision to adopt. We understand that it is hard to make a decision when the dog is in your arms, so we give you this time to discuss with your family and make a decision. Once you’ve made a decision whether to adopt, please notify the Chihuahua Rescue Qld admin team via email chihuahuarescueqld@gmail.com

Step five:
After notifying the CRQ admin team that you would like to go ahead with adoption, we will organise a volunteer to come and conduct a home check. This home check is not to judge you, but to help identify if your yard and home is suitable for the dog you’ve applied for. If your fencing and yard is not suitable, the team may ask you to make some small modifications in order to go ahead with the adoption. (For example, blocking up gaps in fences, securing gates, etc)

Step six:
Once the home check has been completed, please pay your dogs adoption fee via bank deposit. Once this has been cleared in the CRQ account, you can collect your new family member. Chihuahua Rescue Queensland offers a four week adoption trial during which your dog can be returned for a full refund of adoption fee, minus a $75 administration fee.

Please note, at any time during the life of the dog, any dog adopted from CRQ can be returned to the care of CRQ in the event that an adoptive family can no longer care for their dog. However, outside the four week adoption trial, the adoption fee is not refundable.

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