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We are a registered non-profit, incorporated charity based in South East Queensland, Australia. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixed breed dogs.

Chihuahua Rescue Queensland is run by a team of dedicated volunteers who are committed to rescuing little dogs in need and helping them get back on their feet and find their forever home.

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End of Year Fundraising Project

Chihuahua Rescue Queensland Inc has released 11 different cards as the end of year fundraising project. Each card features one of our rescue dogs, with their rescue story on the back.

There are four cards with a Christmas theme (Spikey, Arnie, Dixie and Louie) and seven cards that are multi-seasonal and are blank inside.

The cards retail for $3.00 each or a set of ten cards for $25.00 plus postage.

To order, please email chihuahuarescueqld@gmail.com.

Please include which cards you would like to order and the quantity you would like. Payment can be made via bank transfer or PayPal.

Card one:

Louie (Christmas theme)

Photography by Paws Photography

Louie found his way to us when he was injured and needed urgent medical attention. He was just a puppy and his owners were young international students who couldn’t afford the ongoing costs of his medical treatments. Louie had a broken leg and was presented at an Emergency Vet Hospital for euthanasia. Instead, a kind-hearted vet intervened and offered to contact Chihuahua Rescue Queensland for assistance.

We arranged for Louie to have surgery to repair his broken bones. It was clear from the start that Louie was in a lot of pain and had very little socialization and training. Louie was fearful and confused and responded with aggression, uncharacteristic of such a young puppy. Louie was fostered by one of CRQ’s founders. With stability, some routine and structure, lots of patience, love, and the company of other dogs, Louie’s behaviour started to change.

Louie was adopted by a qualified vet nurse experienced with his breed. She has provided Louie with an active and interesting life. Louie’s adventures are shared on social media and this happy and quirky dog has quite a following. The smiley Louie of today is nothing like he was when we first met him.

Card two:

Dixie (Christmas theme)

Photography by Lara Furst

Dixie came into the care of Chihuahua Rescue Queensland after her owner listed her for sale on gumtree. A CRQ volunteer was concerned about Dixie’s obvious health issues and negotiated for Dixie to come in to the care of the rescue.When Dixie arrived, she was matted with flea dirt caked onto her skin and very obese. She had a mouth full of rotten teeth, luxating patellas, severe arthritis and showed symptoms of Cushings Disease. Ultrasounds and blood tests confirmed that Dixie did have Cushings and she began her long journey back to health.

Whilst in foster care with one of the rescues volunteer photographers, Dixie’s photos became very popular with those who followed her on social media. Her big smile and expressive face has won many hearts. Dixie was eventually adopted by her foster carer who guarantees that there will be many more beautiful portraits to come.

Unfortunately Dixie was rescued too late in her life to be able to make a full recovery, her patella luxation has led to severe degenerative joint disease and she is not a surgical candidate. However she is in a loving and devoted home and receives acupuncture and physio alongside excellent veterinary care. Dixie has grown into a cheeky, spirited little dog who is completely different to the sick, lethargic dog we first met.

Card three:

Spikey (Christmas theme)

Photography by Deb Rawlins

Spikey’s enormous size, as pictured here, is almost unbelievable but the truth is that its no laughing matter. Spikey came into the care of the RSPCA QLD weighing in at over 16kg. This is more than double what this Fox Terrier x should weigh.

Spikey’s morbid obesity has caused severe health issues. When he was transferred into the care of Chihuahua Rescue Queensland, our vet diagnosed him with grade 4 luxating patellas, arthritis and painful joints damaged by years of carrying such a heavy weight. Ultrasounds and blood tests revealed that Spikey has Cushings Disease which likely contributed to his weight gain, and the fact it had been left untreated for so long had taken a huge roll on his body.

Spikey is still in foster care at the time these cards went to print. He has so far lost 6kg and is enjoying a much more active life. His current goal weight is 8kg and he is gaining more energy and quality of life as he loses the weight.

Card four:

Arnie (Christmas theme)

Photography by Deb Rawlins 

Three year old Arnie came into the care of Chihuahua Rescue Queensland due to his owners being unable to cope with his behaviour challenges. They had purchased Arnie as an adult dog only a few months earlier and he showed many signs of being mistreated in the past. Arnie was fearful of new situations and in particular was anxious in the presence of males.We placed Arnie in an all-female foster home where he would feel safe and we could begin to address his anxiety. Arnie flourished in the home of his foster family and they gradually desensitized him towards men. Arnie’s foster family provided him with oppurtunities for positive, gentle experiences with male people. It didn’t take long before Arnie relaxed and was enjoying tummy rubs from his male visitors.

We won’t ever know what happened to Arnie in his early years to make him so fearful, but we ensure his future is much better than his past.

Card five:

Sebastian (blank inside)

Photography by Lara Furst

Sebastian is Chihuahua Rescue Queenslands most well known rescue dog. He’s overcome unimaginable neglect all in the name of breeding tiny “teacup” chihuahuas. When a focus on small sizes comes before prioritising puppies of sound health, the result is dogs who endure a life of suffering like Sebastian.

When he came into care, he was hairless, riddled with tumours, missing a foot and had decay all throughout his mouth. The Sunday Mail labelled him “Brisbane’s Ugliest Dog” but we saw beauty, sweetness and a fighting spirit.

Sebastian defied all the odds and transformed before our eyes, thanks to the loving devotion of his vet nurse foster carer and the amazing team of vets at Greencross Jindalee. Today Sebastian is fluffy, soft and still going strong. He is such a survivor with the sweetest soul.

Card six: 

Peaches (blank inside)

Photography by Katalin Douglass

When Peaches was surrendered to a large Queensland shelter, she was so terrified that the staff could not touch her. She was fearful and anxious, but instead of giving up on her the RSPCA shelter staff transferred her to Chihuahua Rescue Queensland.

Peaches was placed in foster care with a couple who had experience caring for anxious dogs. They were able to shower her in love and spend many hours gaining her trust and helping her heal from her past trauma. Peaches thrived surrounded by the love of her foster family, so much so that they decided to adopt her and give her a permanent home.

Card seven: 

Bubbles (blank inside)

Photography by Deb Rawlins

Gorgeous Bubbles was surrendered to Chihuahua Rescue Queensland due to a change in her families circumstances. Within hours of coming into care, she suffered a seizure. Thankfully she was at the vets when it occured and the team at Greencross Browns Plains were on hand to care for her. Bubbles spent a few days in hospital and then was fostered by one of the Chihuahua Rescue Queensland team.

She was diagnosed with a condition called luxating patellas, very common in the Chihuahua breed. Her foster carer noticed her knees were so painful she could not even jump onto the couch, and so Bubbles underwent surgery to stabilise her patellas.

Bubbles spent two months recovering in foster care and was then adopted by a family who are just delighted to have her. She now walks on steady legs and loves to play with the children in her family.

Card eight:

Finn (blank inside)

Photography by Lara Furst

Finn is the most beautiful little miniature poodle, and he was rescued from a life of unimaginable cruelty and neglect. Finn started his life living in a small chicken coop in which he could hardly stand up due to the amount of faeces on the ground. His life changed when he was rescued by a special lady. She saw he needed help but knew she didn’t have the resources to address his complex medical issues, so she contacted Chihuahua Rescue Queensland knowing that we regularly rescued dogs needing medical intervention.

We welcomed Finn into the CRQ family and immediately it was clear what a gentle and sweet soul he had. Finn was only young yet his mouth was filled with decayed teeth and unfortunately he required a full mouth of extractions as his dental disease was so severe. He also suffered seizures so our veterinary team started him on medication to control these. Finn was emaciated when he came into care and so begun months of gentle rehabilitation with one of our experienced carers.

Finn soon became a favourite with the Chihuahua Rescue Qld community and he found his forever home with Suzi, the owner of the HOUND HUTT in Stafford. The HOUND HUTT team are huge supporters of our charity, thanks to the legacy of their beloved Finn.

Card nine:

Duke (Blank inside)

Photography by Lara Furst

Duke’s owner moved overseas and was unable to take Duke with him, and so he searched for a family to adopt Duke. On the day he went for a visit to meet his new family, Duke had an altercation through the fence with the neighbors dog. He was dragged underneath the fence and badly injured. Duke’s leg was so damaged that it required amputation and neither Duke’s previous owner nor his potential new family could afford to pay his medical costs. Instead Duke was surrendered to the emergency vet hospital and Chihuahua Rescue Queensland took over his care.

Duke recovered well from his traumatic ordeal, and has understandably decided he much prefers human companions to other dogs. In saying that, Duke’s family love him so much and were so inspired by his rescue story that they signed up as foster carers. Duke has welcomed many furry foster siblings into his home over the last three years.

Duke lives a full and active life, and in a twist of fate his new adoptive family discovered they knew his original owner and they keep in touch with him and keep him updated on Duke’s happy adventures.

Card ten:

Zeke (blank inside)

Photography by Lara Furst

Hey, that’s not a chihuahua!

The Chihuahua Rescue Queensland team sometimes joke that we are the state’s “worst” breed-specific rescue group! Whilst our speciality is chihuahuas, we are well known for rescuing many non-chihuahuas. If a dog is in need, and we have the ability to help, we will save any dog we are able to.

Zeke is a special boy, he’s a Great Dane x. Although he’s on the opposite end of the size scale to most dogs we rescue, he needed a second chance and we were in the right place at the right time. Zeke and his sister Lola were rescued as puppies, alongside the rest of their litter. They had some health complications and were riddled with parasites when they came into care.

Zeke and Lola were nursed back to health thanks to the devotion of one of the CRQ team and the two pups were lucky enough to be adopted by vets. They really fell on their feet, and are doing very well. To this day, Zeke and Lola are Chihuahua Rescue Qld’ s biggest “Honorary Chihuahuas”.

Card eleven: 

Missy Moo (blank inside)

Photography by Lara Furst 

Missy’s owners surrendered her to Chihuahua Rescue Queensland when she was diagnlsed with bilateral luxating patellas. She was still a pup and the cost of surgery was too high as they were in the midst of moving overseas. Missy was in considerable pain in her hips and hind legs when she came into care. This spirited and energetic puppy was unable to live a full life unless she underwent major surgery. When our vets examined Missy Moo, they discovered considerable joint disease in her hip and recommended a femoral head ostectomy. This procedure involves the surgical removal of the head of the femur, which results in scar tissue developing which acts as a false joint. Since surgery, Missy has been having regular physio with Dr Esther from ACU-PET Veterinary Services.

At the time these cards went to print, Missy is recovering from her hip surgery and we are waiting to see what the next step in Missy’s journey will be. Missy has not lost her feisty personality and keeps her foster family on their toes.

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