Chihuahua Rescue Queensland Inc is a foster-based dog rescue organisation founded in 2014. Chihuahua Rescue Queensland Inc (CRQ) exists to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned, impounded and surrendered Chihuahuas, Chihuahua crosses and other small dogs in Queensland, Australia.

The Chihuahua Rescue Queensland team consists of a group of passionate and committed dog lovers with years of experience rescuing and caring for dogs. CRQ was originally founded by a team of vet nurses, vets and dog trainers who committed to build a rescue group with high standards of veterinary care for each and every dog that came into their care. As the team grows and changes over the years, we remain committed to maintaining our high standards and goals for the rescue group and for each and every animal in our care.

Chihuahua Rescue Queensland Inc does not have a shelter, instead each dog is cared for in a foster home. Our foster dogs are treated as family members by our foster carers who are located throughout South East Queensland. We believe that by placing each dog in a loving foster home, we are able to get to know them on a personal level and best match them to their forever home. Our network of foster carers ensure that every dog receives the commitment and attention they need during this difficult period of their lives.

CRQ works closely with the RSPCA Qld, council pounds and other rescue groups around the state. Our team provides adoption counseling and support in an effort to find our adoptable dogs the most suitable homes. CRQ stands by every dog we rescue, and should it be necessary, we take back any animals we have previously adopted out at any time.

Chihuahua Rescue Queensland is a registered and incorporated charity, with all donations over $2 being tax deductible.

To join the Chihuahua Rescue Queensland team, please contact chihuahuarescueqld@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you.

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